IP Telephony System for a high volume sales organisation

The brief was to provide a system that allowed 80 users to make high volume high quality IP calls at low cost with CRM integration, a hotdesk facility and the ability to seamlessly route calls via international numbers.

Highly available internet connectivity

The brief for this company was to provide a low cost solution that allowed them to utilise multiple low cost broadband connections that allowed highly available access to their VDI pool for remote developers using an SSL based VPN

Highly available internet connectivity

To provide a seamless failover connectivity solution for remote branch offices from fixed line broadband to 4G

Thin client solution

Here we provided the organisation with a centrally managed, network bootable thin client environment utilising an Ubuntu Gnome desktop with Active Directory Domain authentication for single sign on to the thin client and seamless access to local resources and remote published applications.



Highly Available Computing

Network Cabling

Systems Monitoring

Cloud Migration

Managed SIEM